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Monday 29 July 2013

The latest Google Maps Web App: Open to All

The amendments to Google Maps that Google confirmed at its I/O conference last month is not in the preview stage anymore. The latest version of the maps is now available for all to use without any invitation. Visual tweaks, customized results and more transportation selections are yours for the taking.

In one of its tweets, @Google Maps stated users are just needed to "sign up" to use this latest app. Just hit the blue button and explore this new version.

This latest one has a few improvements and to run this you need to have the latest browser as well as a bit of horsepower to take benefit of them. You can also switch to a 3-D Google Earth view instantly along with pop-up showcasing 3-D buildings. The maps themselves have been amended and elucidated as well.

Transit data trouble free through the slick little interface. It showcases and informs you about where and when to catch the next bus or train. Restaurant reviews, street views or previews are also available on this smart Maps app.

Although it is currently available on the Android platform but very soon you will explore it on your Apple device too. Apple already has a map of its own but it will also feature this latest app on its gizmo soon after approval.

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