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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Mobile Applications for Hotels: Significant Need of the Hour!

According to a survey, 38% users use their handsets to organize a trip. Almost 60% admitted that they have downloaded travel apps on their gizmos, 62% of the travelers said that they have used their widgets to search restaurants while traveling, 51% used it to know about the flight status, 46% searched for the attractions and 28% have checked into a restaurant, hotel or attraction using their cell phones while on a tour.

As per another survey, it has been revealed that regular business travelers who make trips minimum five times in a year possess a Smartphone. Almost 50% of regular leisure travelers have Smartphones that they use for various activities such as searching restaurants, check in hotels and other places etc.

There are enough reasons for the industry to use mobile applications. In fact, there are many who are using it and gaining huge success out of it.

These days, the most important and a must have thing for a hotel is to have a dynamic website from where one can know about it in detail and access all the required information within minimum clicks. Next is the mobile app that let the hotel to connect with the guests more closely. The good thing is, the cost of developing these apps has decreased as compared to previous years. Now even if you do not own a luxury hotel or a chain of luxury hotels, you can create your app for the growth and development.

As they say – ‘What is visible, sells'. After app development, you need to promote it wisely on each platform so that people get to know about it. Having a mobile app also increase the brand value of the hotel. Customers understand that the hotel is up-to-dated with the latest technology and hence must be offering high quality services too.

 Now, the important question - which platform you should choose to develop the app? Android or iOS? Well, nothing to worry about it as the answer is in your website analytics. Go through it and find out that how many people from which platforms are coming to your website and start with the one having the most number of users and then move to the rest of the platforms.

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