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Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Evolution of Mobile Phones!

The evolution of Mobile Phones! If someone asks you when was the last time you checked your mobile phone or browsed the web on your tablet then most likely the answer would be just a few minutes back (or probably you are reading this blog on your phone itself). In fact, most people keep it within their arm's reach. These devices are running rampant nowadays and have opened the doors to reach the target audiences in a very unique and more interactive way.

Much has been changed since the time it was invented and now.


·         It was invented just to make voice calls.
·        Text communication was introduced.
·         Normal black & white display with a small screen.

·         Mobile internet that connects you globally.
·         Mobile searches
·         Videos, music, games
·         Variety of apps
·         3G and 4G networks
·         Touchscreen display
·         Camera
·         And many more…

 Hi-tech operating systems have turned these devices into mini computers. Need and demand of the users are changing at a much faster pace with the extension of 3G and 4G networks. Majority of users now connect to the web through this smart piece of technology to get interesting and relevant information or to connect with the social media sites.

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