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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Tips on How to use Twitter Search

Twitter was born as a micro blogging site but now has gone beyond to a great tool for social communication. But the question pop ups that how to use it so efficiently to rip out most of it. With 140 millions of tweets per day, the noise on Twitter is increasing day by day which results into irrelevant results on query. So if you are bugged with irrelevancy of tweet result in search and want more filters you have to fine tune your search options.

Here are some useful advanced Twitter search tips to get valuable Twitter search result –

1. Get an understanding of Twitter search - Twitter search results have four categories: Tweets, People, Videos and Images. Results are determined by Twitter's search algorithms, shown as "top" tweet results.

2. No Retweets - To look for retweet-free search results add the minus sign search operator. Simply enter - RT after search query to see retweet free results.

3. Location Based - Want to focus on the location of tweets. That’s how you can look for tweets that come from or are near to a certain location. Example - Type near: Noida within: 10mi to return tweets sent within 10 miles of the BlueApple.

Twitter Search Tips
4. User Based - If you want to choose tweets from one particular person, Just type from: username to search within his or her stream.

5. Link Based - Want to focus on only tweets with links then just add filter: links to your search phrase.

6. Sentiments Based - You can look up for positive, negative and question sentiment in tweet search result. Simply add :), :( and a question mark to your search query.

7. Source Based - Would like to see a particular source of tweet like sent via SMS? Then type Source:Txt after the keyword will bring tweets sent via SMS.

8. Date Based - In advanced search option, you can search tweets after a particular date and until a particular date. Typing since: 2011-04-10 will show tweets sent since April10, 2011, while until: 2011-04-10 will show tweets sent up to the April10, 2011.

9. Save your Search - You can save 25 searches on Twitter. Enter the search query you'd like to save, press enter, and then click on the icon at the top-right of your screen and save to access it later.

Have an advanced and valuable Twitter search!

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