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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Mobile applications: An Emerging Education Platform for Toddlers

With the evolvement of technology and emergence of new trends, the demands of users are constantly changing. Mobile phone users of this era, expect to have advance mobile application to run on their latest smartphones not only for entertainment but for other necessary usage too.

These days, as soon as a baby is born, he/she learns to operate these gizmos. Parents have also understand these facts and hence they wish to get apps on their devices that can let their kids gain knowledge.

 Keeping this in mind, I have created an app for toddlers. Now, they can operate your smartphone just not to have fun but along with that you can also give them the basic education through it before going to the school.

 Basically it is a Hindi alphabet tracing app that will let the kids trace the letter and learn how to write it. It has been created on the Android platform. The entire coding has been done on JAVA which makes it more efficient. Since, animation always grab the attention of everyone and especially kids, I have also put some special effects giving sparkling effect.

The tracing stars move with the touch that assist to trace the letter. Image axis points have been made as pointing stars so that toddlers can easily get attracted towards it and make the finger movements accordingly.

Tracing Hindi Alphabets: Download Here!

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