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Friday 24 May 2013

Top 6 Free Real Time Social Media Search Engine Tools –

Social media is one of the biggest platforms and a huge source of fresh information related to any news and events, likes and dislikes.  But most of the posts are personal and hence become tough to find the relevant information. Every brand knows about them very well but it becomes difficult for them to evaluate the feedback and mentions by their customers on various platforms. To know what people are talking about your brand, you need help to filter and sort the stuff, so why not try one of these six great real time search engine tools:

Social mention

 Social Mention is a free real time social media search engine tool. Through this tool, you can explore and get social media alerts. As per your choice, you can opt to receive free daily mail alerts of your organization, CEO, marketing campaign, news story or any latest information about the celebrities. You can receive the information as per your choice such as via an RSS feed, email, or CSV/Excel file.


See what people are talking at your back about your brand. This smart social media search engine tool is for status updates from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (StatsCrop, 2012). It mainly helps the retailers to track their brand on the social platform.


Want to know what's hot on social media? Veooz is an advanced tool that analyze brand emotions across social media platforms. It tracks several views and opinions shared by the users from all over the world on people, places, movies, events etc. and extracts emotions out of it.

Whos Talkin

Whos Talkin is another advanced social media search tool that let the users to search for discussions surrounding the topics that they care about the most. Be it any sport, food, celebrity or anything, this tool assist you to join the conversations.


48ers is a tool developed to help you search for what's happening at present. It trawls conversations from all the popular social media platforms across the internet to bring back nuggets.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are the great way to monitor the internet for fresh content. Google Alerts use the newest significant Google results and send them as a combined set of stories to your email address. You can customize it by specifying certain keywords as per your niche and get a set of fresh posts everyday in your email inbox.

Reach your customers across networks and promptly reply to them. These tools are very much effective and fetches up information wherever your brand has been talked about, whether it exist or not on that platform. It gives you the context you need to prioritize all your social media activity. At present, all the brands from various industries including digital marketing agencies are using these tools to analyze their position in the market. Try them out and do let us know your experience. Happy Marketing!

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