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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Using Drupal with MongoDb (NoSQL database)

I have recently been reading a lot about nosql and it seems to make a great case for a CMS. Does anyone else think we should fork Drupal to use with Mongo? I don’t think it is as simple as creating a module for existing Drupal. The obvious benefits I see are.

 Content Types: We can create any number of content type using collections. The number and types of fields are not going to create separate tables slowing queries down. For each content type, simply create a new collection. All the data related to a node remain in one document for quick access.
Tagging. Using list/arrays within a document/node is extremely easy to add/manage the associated tags/taxonomy.

Translation: All the nodes stay in different documents of the same collection and it’s easy to reference a corresponding translated version of a document using a simple reference key. The data can also be sharded on these translation kay for very large Website.

Consolidation of assets: All the JS and CSS can also sit in one document and be consolidated at load time for faster access.

Getting rid of infamous Drupal Cache: Will all the performance benefits, I think there should be no need for caching all the data in Drupal.

 Mapreduce: Theoretically, one can run map reduce every night, and keep the entire rendered page content in one document, if the data in a website is not changing very frequently, it will make it superfast to use mapreduce.

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  1. What if I update the name which was associated with a taxonomy term, how do I edit that value across 10 000 000 nodes efficiently

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