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Thursday 4 April 2013

Social Media – Megaphone for Your Brand!

World has already shifted from desktop to laptop. Now, soon there will be a noteworthy population dwelling on smart phones and tablets! But one thing which remains same is - Social media!
It is powering the world in a way that has never been imagined, now it’s everyone’s heart of online life. We can witness new links being formed out of apparently thin air. Social media is an exciting space to be in and it’s very rewarding if it’s used in right manner.

 Branding and Social Media are the two terms that mutually go very well but at times they both are misunderstood. The term branding is not merely a small word and limited only for corporations but it can also relate to a single item or person. Social media is all about the ‘democratization of media’ as no single person owns or controls it. It is about truly engaging with users and speaking ‘with’ and not ‘to’ people. It serves up as a massive megaphone for your brand. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide a business a golden chance to shoot itself in the metaphoric foot and it’s easier to create a desired interpretation of you online.

The first prominent verity is the huge market share. Social media platforms enclose the largest amount of links and control the most attention from their user base. Getting connected through this sea of data base is an excellent way to not only meet new people but also keep engaged with your existing.

 Social networking through mobile phones is an ever increasing phenomenon these days. With mobile penetrations reaching very high levels, and an increasing number of individuals owning feature-smart phones that allow Internet access, social networking is rapidly penetrating the India Active Internet user base.
 Let’s do a quick review of important tools in Social Media Marketing. According to the IAMAI and IMRB report, Facebook is the most popular social platform as it is used by 97% of all individuals, following by Google+ and LinkedIn. Twitter allows people to follow important topics, people, and conversations that are relevant or interesting to them.Word Press and Blogger bid open platforms which you can sign up and pen down your ideas and thoughts for free. They host each of your write-ups and proffer a collection of free themes to opt from. This is an excellent way when you don’t wish to purchase your own domain just to list your writing. Although there is not much graphical branding possible through blogging but you can share your thoughts and ideas openly with the world.

 Branding and Social Media Marketing is anelongated road. Creating accounts throughout the huge array of social networks is just a single step. The actual change comes from dynamically taking part in these social networks as per social media strategy. Memorability is the name of the game. Dare to be unique and liven up your online distinctiveness. Don’t forget, social networks are just a medium to an end, not an end of itself.

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