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Monday 1 April 2013

Mobile marketing? How? Why?

In the coming months, mobile marketing is set to grow by 67% and hence is the latest talk of the market generating strong opinions everywhere. Few claims it to be the right choice for investment, on the other hand few are just opposing it.

The Mobile Marketing Association has suggested that the funds invested in mobile marketing should sit at 7% of marketers’ total advertising budget. The figure is supposed to increase to 10% in the next four years (or more, that’s what BlueApple predicts! )Besides, the latest data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia showing that in spite of the gradual decline in general advertising, online, mobile and video ad expenses have generated double as much growth throughout each quarter of this year.With each passing day, mobile marketing is rising and becoming a strong medium for those who have taken the time to test and learn.

However, much confusion is there around what you can and can't do with a Mobile Marketing Campaign. There are several misconceptions around mobile marketing and how can we debunk a few of these myths are important. There are many things that you must do and must not do in mobile marketing. They are as follows:

  • Understand the ‘new’ mobile and the mindset of users. With the introduction of latest Smartphones and their new features, a new level of customer has also increased.
  •  Like other marketing policies, for mobile marketing too, you need to set an objective and work accordingly. Comprehend where mobile fits into the mix, identify the role it will play, and your plan will flow more effortlessly.
  •  Create a mobile-friendly website with the help of abundant of Mobile Website Development companies available. Make sure that it is being built by keeping the device in the mind. Navigation, information prioritization and mobile specific functionality must be perfect.
  •  Optimize paid search for mobile. It is an excellent way to get instant visibility on search engines and mobile is no different.
  •  Update your listing from time to time and make sure the basic information including name, address and phone number are correct on your site. A robust and authentic content is again an advantage.
  •  Use display to get your point out.With the espousal of the larger Smartphone screen and tablet screen, display can be an amazingly helpful tool. There are an assortment of providers and platforms in the mobile display space and a variety of models – cost per click, cost per call, cost per acquisition, and cost per impression.
  •  No doubt, each of the mobile users loves any kind of deal. Offer different kinds of deal to attract users. Check-in services – the best known are Four Square and Go Walla – busted on top of the scene the previous year and offered the lost propinquity awareness that only mobile can offer.
  •  To look more precisely at your mobile marketing strategy is very important. This single device is strong enough but is even more powerful when integrated into fully incorporated cross-media campaign strategy. Influence this fresh platform to enhance brand awareness, escort generation and sales.

  •  Don’t be intimidated ever. Realize that given the swiftness of improvement and new functionality, marketers will generally be playing catch up. Understand the fundamentals and stay attentive of the cutting edge, but never be frightened by it.
  •  Successful mobile marketing needs an understanding of what the users in general and your precise target audience are searching for while using their mobile. As per e-Marketer, 79% look for product reviews, 81% delve into rates and 64% check in-store features. Try to read the user’s mind and understand how they wish to connect with you and settle on how your company can best interact with them.
  •  Don't ever forget Google's Panda updates as they are extensive and important. Moreover, Panda is focused on quality content and usability of a website which is a sufficient fact to create a mobile site. If you do not have a mobile site then you are not that compatible to a mobile forager resulting in an automatic dingle. .
  •  Don’t fail to notice local search. Every one in three mobile searchers possess a local intent. Moreover, 82% of the local searchers track offline through an in-store visit, phone call or purchase. As the number of local searches is going on increasing, ads of all types must be created with strategic plans so as to incorporate local search into their campaigns.
  •  Do not over text as it may irritate the user. No doubt texting can be a great idea and these days SMS has the prospective to be the new spam especially when the customer is paying for a message, it can hastily sour them on your brand.

Hufff… so that’s all for now…

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