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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Digital Marketing Company Enables Your Business To Get More Exposure!

Looking at the growth and development of the online business and also at the rising competition, most of the companies are considering digital marketing practices to reach their target audiences globally. Currently, this is one of the best marketing approaches to promote business and its products & services on a wider platform. The thriving technology at present offers a range of digital tools and techniques which form an outstanding marketing strategy that are beneficial to modern businesses. You can hire a digital marketing company for the services that has a complete knowledge about the practices being followed to promote the type of business you have.

These digital marketing companies help you to get better and greater exposure globally. They know all the tactics to generate more web traffic by using search engine optimization features and various other techniques. An efficient digital marketing company makes better strategy and enables an organization to reach the heights of success.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is actually more than your online resume. Of course, it does not guarantee any opportunity but yes it enables you to create one. It is one of the most rapidly growing professional networks these days. Your LinkedIn profile includes all your work experience but you can make it much more. You can treat it as your online portfolio to showcase your accomplishments. First and foremost you need to make an excellent profile and then let others know who you are, what you do and why you are special.

Just think about the big brands such as Coke, Ford etc., the websites and commercials of these big names include customer testimonials, product demo and visual proof of their products. With the advent of the internet, it has become easier for these brands to promote their products and services. Apart from advertising now, they are now doing more activities with the power of the web. It just takes a little creativity and your dedication.

Media to be added:

 As per LinkedIn, it supports images, video, audio, presentations and documents by definite providers, but others also work just perfectly. While including any media to your profile, make sure that it has been published to the web (it needs a URL).

Now, you must be thinking where to put these nifty clips? Well, you can make it the part of your summary integrated into each position listed in your experience section and education section. Do not forget to check out the little blue box while editing your profile.

What& how to showcase: 

Come out of your boring job responsibilities and think differently. Rather than thinking about what issues you have solved at work, mention what makes you unique and different from thousands of other people having the same job title as yours. Do not forget to mention if you have received any award, have given a presentation or have spoken at a conference, written articles and most importantly what would you want someone to find if they were looking for you on the internet.

These are the things that you can create and publish yourself on this online platform. Rather than having an online resume treat your LinkedIn profile as brag book and start assembling screen shots and links.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Show Your Creativity by Adding Special Effects on Vine and Instagram Videos!

Yes, you can become "Insta famous" just by adding a filter or hashtags to a selfie. The actual pros live on video.

Vine and Instagram both have offered great platforms for the users to display their creativity. Just by using the cameras of their mobile phones, users continue to surprise these social networking channels with their exceptional and smart approaches.

The special effect videos these days available on these social networking communities are the most impressive ones currently. Cloning, reflections etc. are few of the most liked and shared ones on Vine and Instagram. These are the videos that generates numbers of “Whoa, how did you do that?” comments from others who are eager to learn the tricks.

The following three are the most popular video effects these days on these networking platforms. Let's see how special effects can be added to a simple video captured:

1. Hands Free 

A hand free is the simplest trick to add effects and for this, you just need your cell phone with you. The app for both Vine and Instagram needed is to touch the screen to record the video. You can also do a hands-free video through the touch feature in your cell phone.

Well, iPhone users must be glad as Apple has already provided this smart feature in the devices but if you are an Android user then sorry as the assistive touch apps do not provide the feature yet.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down. Under “Triple Click,” option, change the setting. It will let the device to triple click of the home button on Assistive Touch. Now, go back one screen and tap “Assistive Touch” under “Physical and Motor,” to check that your assistive touch is turned on or not.

As soon as it gets activated, you’ll need to set up three gestures: a six second, one second, and instant touch. Now, you need to tap “Create New Gesture” to create them. For the last six second touch, touch and hold on the screen till the bar gets filled up. Save it then as "6 Seconds". For the one second touch, you need to move your finger in order to make your device recognizable for a second. Save this as "1 Second". For the instant touch, touch the screen for a second and save it as "Instant".

 Open the Vine or Instagram app, turn on assistive touch and select one of the gestures and record. Do not forget to turn off the assistive touch after recording.

2. Alien Abduction and Other Spatial Tricks 

For all walkers and abductees, this effect is the simplest one. You need to flip the room on its side. In this Vine video, the room is set up that lets the bed incline against the wall and not on the floor.

Therefore, the table is flush up beside the dresser so that it gets a support. When the “abduction” takes place, he just needs to walk and act as if he was being beamed up.

The entire effect and video is simple to create but the only toughest part is to get creative with the setting. You can use a curb as a shelf and hang from it. Flip a room on its side and walk on the walls. Just add to your creativity and do it.

3. Reflection, Cloning and Freezing Time 

One more interesting effect includes reflections that do not follow the real life aspects anymore. Have a look on the video below:

Just phone settings do not work here as these types of effects involves more than that. You need to have a regular camera with you to capture the visuals. Set up in a manner so that it is not visible in the mirror, in addition to video editing software.

The actual idea is to record both parts of the video, the real you and the cloned one. Now, by using the video editing software, merge the two videos together.

 After editing or merging the videos, you need to download two programs, Handbrake and I-Funbox that enable you to upload it on the Vine and Instagram.

 NOTE: The video must not be more than 7 seconds in length.

What special effects are you using or have seen on the Vine and Instagram? Share your creativity with us if you are also a video wizard.


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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Social Media Influence on Politicians

Just one move and let the whole world know about it in seconds. Yes, this is our internet! Not just that, all will have a view or suggestion about it and this is all possible through different social media platforms available.

With everyone using social media at present for promotional purposes in our nation, our politicians are not that far behind in the race and are highly active on various social media platforms. As per a recent study, it has been revealed that social media and online presence of the politicians and their parties will influence the result of 2014 general elections. So, who are our social media friendly politicians?

The population of India is majorly comprised of youths. Therefore, the political parties currently are incorporating it by making well-known individuals a part of their political party, the most common and prime examples being, Rahul Gandhi from Congress, Milind Deora from Indian National Congress etc. Being from the same generation, they easily connect with the youth and express their thoughts and opinions through different online channels along with other mediums.

However, apart from these young politicians others too are actively taking part in it. Congress leaders Ashok Gehlot and Ajay Maken are completely different from each others. The former is from the old guard while the latter is from the youth brigade. Although one is rooted in Rajasthan and the other takes a bigger role on the Indian politics, both of them have one thing in common. Both have a huge fan following in Turkey.

Maken, the general secretary in charge of Congress' high profile communications cell is one of the handful politicians of our nation with a verified Facebook page which ensures that the page is managed by him and not others. The page has 99,154 'likes', or virtual endorsements. However, just 3.1% out of the total likes is from India and the remaining 33.9%, 24.9%, 12.5% and 9.5%) are from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the US respectively as per analytics tool.

He is really an exception among all Indian politicians to have such a huge number of fans following globally on Facebook. From India, Narendra Modi and Akhilesh Yadav, both have verified pages and with more than 90% followers from India itself.

Other than Maken, another exception is the Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh with 4,636 likes on an unverified page on Facebook. Turkey accounts for 53% of his total fan followers and rest from India.

These days, almost all the politicians are trying to be social. These include Sonia Gandhi (86.5%), Rahul Gandhi (92.1%), Nitish Kumar (94.2%) and Mamata Banerjee (93.4%).

Recently, on being asked in an interview about the power of social media, one of the leading political icons, Narendra Modi said that, "To me it is not just about Twitter and Facebook. For instance, I am amazed at how YouTube as a medium of video sharing has made e-Learning accessible to so many people. Or when I look at an application like WhatsApp and how simple it is to use. Often the first reports when a disaster strikes or an unfortunate incident happens are received via one of these Social Media channels. I see the real power of Social Media come through, during such moments of crisis. Recently during the Uttarakhand disaster I was pleasantly surprised at the positive role played by Social Media in bringing home news of the missing to their loved ones."

As per the tech savvy Human Resource Misinter, Shashi Tharoor, social media should not be ignored. He added that, "No politician wants to turn away from an audience of even 100 people, so who is going to turn away from an audience that has numbers in millions. You should seize that audience."

He thinks that it will take an exciting turn soon after the introduction of 4G service. Faster technology will let the users to get connected more easily than ever.

Social media provides all the up-dates and also outshine the latest news that reaches millions in seconds. It has become the fastest coverage source of any news or event. It lets the politicians interact with the common people and know their opinions which are really a great way to reach them and to increase their popularity.


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