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Thursday, 30 May 2013

10 Tips to Create A Successful Website

Are you interested to create a website but do not have any idea where to begin? Well, it is perhaps the most important facet of a website. Although functionality and content are very essential but the design is something which draws attention of the users and compel them to use the site.

Let's get started! 

 1. Clarity and easy navigation: The design of the website must be very clear and easy to use. Users should be able to see and understand instantly what the site is all about.

 2. Concise: Make sure that the layout which you choose is concise. Never let users hung high and low for the navigation for your all significant content, or products. Make it user friendly.

 3. Colors & Text: The colors you choose must be eye-soothing and the text are easy to read. You may use stylish and artistic fonts but make sure it doesn't detract the user experience.

 4. Links: Be sure about the links and navigations are easy to follow. Users should feel easy to get their way round while following those links. Design must be consistent and do not contain link on the images (if really not required). Maintain a format and do not underline few links and leave the rest as it is. These things are very confusing and leave a bad impression.

 5. Engaging: Website should encourage users to explore the site and compels to read the content.

 6. In-sync with the product/service: Although it sounds very obvious but be sure to create a site that has a very clear picture that what is it all about. For an instance, if you have an e-commerce site, then create it in a way that users get to know that they will find the products they want just at a glimpse.

 7. Call for action: After visiting the website, make it very clear that what you want your user to do next. For e.g., you want your visitor to add the product to the shopping basket or want him to download the software or contact the concern person for any particular service.

 8. Social Networking: Use this platform to promote it and provide a link of the digital media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Your actual customers are sitting there.

 9. Eye-catching visuals: As we all know a picture speaks a thousand words. You can use a few of them depending upon your requirement but make sure it does not affect the smooth functioning of the site which is really annoying to any user.

10. Returning visitors: The website must be worth coming back. It's important that you keep the appearance and feel of the site as well as the content fresh to attract as many visitors as you can.

 If you have programming skills and can write your own code then nothing would be better than this but in case you don't have any then don't get disheartened as plenty of affordable, quality online website developers are there who can assist you with this service like BlueApple. It is better if you avoid the free services. Hope you have heard the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For," and it is absolutely true in this case.

 Happy websiting!

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Top 6 Free Real Time Social Media Search Engine Tools –

Social media is one of the biggest platforms and a huge source of fresh information related to any news and events, likes and dislikes.  But most of the posts are personal and hence become tough to find the relevant information. Every brand knows about them very well but it becomes difficult for them to evaluate the feedback and mentions by their customers on various platforms. To know what people are talking about your brand, you need help to filter and sort the stuff, so why not try one of these six great real time search engine tools:

Social mention

 Social Mention is a free real time social media search engine tool. Through this tool, you can explore and get social media alerts. As per your choice, you can opt to receive free daily mail alerts of your organization, CEO, marketing campaign, news story or any latest information about the celebrities. You can receive the information as per your choice such as via an RSS feed, email, or CSV/Excel file.


See what people are talking at your back about your brand. This smart social media search engine tool is for status updates from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (StatsCrop, 2012). It mainly helps the retailers to track their brand on the social platform.


Want to know what's hot on social media? Veooz is an advanced tool that analyze brand emotions across social media platforms. It tracks several views and opinions shared by the users from all over the world on people, places, movies, events etc. and extracts emotions out of it.

Whos Talkin

Whos Talkin is another advanced social media search tool that let the users to search for discussions surrounding the topics that they care about the most. Be it any sport, food, celebrity or anything, this tool assist you to join the conversations.


48ers is a tool developed to help you search for what's happening at present. It trawls conversations from all the popular social media platforms across the internet to bring back nuggets.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are the great way to monitor the internet for fresh content. Google Alerts use the newest significant Google results and send them as a combined set of stories to your email address. You can customize it by specifying certain keywords as per your niche and get a set of fresh posts everyday in your email inbox.

Reach your customers across networks and promptly reply to them. These tools are very much effective and fetches up information wherever your brand has been talked about, whether it exist or not on that platform. It gives you the context you need to prioritize all your social media activity. At present, all the brands from various industries including digital marketing agencies are using these tools to analyze their position in the market. Try them out and do let us know your experience. Happy Marketing!

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Go social brand through digital media marketing!

In this digitalized world, all claims to be a social being. "We are social...we have social media accounts." This is what you will hear from all. Well, this is the first step and also a must in this digital era. But the question is how to be a social brand? A brand having enticing personality, a dynamic face what people like and get compelled towards it.

No matter in which industry you are, to have a strong relationship with your customers, your brand need to create a buzz and spark engagement among the target audience. Once you step into it and gain an identity in the market, you just need to keep the ball rolling with online digital marketing on various social media platforms.

 Through these platforms, we share content, expertise and let people know about the brand which is the ultimate objective. Through several accounts and continuously interacting with people, you can learn how to communicate brands’ personalities and spark engagement.

Everything is changing at an exponential pace and these digital platforms have certainly amplified the requirement for marketing agencies to grow and adapt. The way of engagement through TV, radio and print have now been revolutionized. Social media has forced brands to get directly connected with the end customers on a one-to-one basis that makes it more genuine and also creates a bonding leading to growth and success.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mobile applications: An Emerging Education Platform for Toddlers

With the evolvement of technology and emergence of new trends, the demands of users are constantly changing. Mobile phone users of this era, expect to have advance mobile application to run on their latest smartphones not only for entertainment but for other necessary usage too.

These days, as soon as a baby is born, he/she learns to operate these gizmos. Parents have also understand these facts and hence they wish to get apps on their devices that can let their kids gain knowledge.

 Keeping this in mind, I have created an app for toddlers. Now, they can operate your smartphone just not to have fun but along with that you can also give them the basic education through it before going to the school.

 Basically it is a Hindi alphabet tracing app that will let the kids trace the letter and learn how to write it. It has been created on the Android platform. The entire coding has been done on JAVA which makes it more efficient. Since, animation always grab the attention of everyone and especially kids, I have also put some special effects giving sparkling effect.

The tracing stars move with the touch that assist to trace the letter. Image axis points have been made as pointing stars so that toddlers can easily get attracted towards it and make the finger movements accordingly.

Tracing Hindi Alphabets: Download Here!

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