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Monday, 28 October 2013

7 Best Practices to Market Your Brand on Twitter!

Did you know that on an average, each day 400 million tweets are sent!

Yes, Twitter is now a marvelous social media platform to embark upon.

Just to have a Twitter profile is not enough. A profile does not make you a social media master but it is an incredible tool for conversations, building community and searching for the most up-to-dated industry news. This is the reason sportsperson are on Twitter, actor & actresses are on Twitter, your competitors are on Twitter and expectantly you are on Twitter as well.

However, brands have an art and technique of using Twitter. There are few important Twitter practices to follow:

Set organizational goals 

It is not necessary that all the brands will use Twitter the same way. There are few brands that sell their products through this platform again, there are many who provide customer with support through it.

Therefore, it is always important to have a definite goal. You must plan first that what you want to do and then devote your time for better results.

Be authentic & believable

 Authenticity is one of the most significant aspects of social media. It is important for the brand to be believable. For this, you need to spend some time with your community, analyzing it, and learning about the dynamics of that community.

Must research before engaging customers 

You must research about your customers know how they use Twitter. Within few seconds you will get to know if any conversation is taking place about your brand, product, service or industry through the Twitter Search. The tool helps you to know what they are saying about you.

Create equity and credibility 

To gain success on this platform, you need to build credibility and equity both irrespective of the number of followers, tweets, or re-tweets. Though these factors are important but to have a good reputation along with a trusted source of information plays more vital role.

Track different conversation trends 

Rather than investing huge amount on paid tracking service, track Twitter conversations, spot trends, evaluate sentiment, and get an irrefutable picture of the happenings on the social web. You can check out how much you have saved through Twitter, how many issues have been solved, how many leads have been generated and lots more.

Create branded or personal profile 

You can either create a profile with your brand name and logo or else opt to create a personal profile that combines your personal brand with that of the company.

Must listen and observe before engaging 

Before tweeting, spend some time listening and observing the behavior those you talk about you and your brand. Understand what is accepted and what is not by the customers as assuming that they will accept everything you tweet with arms wide open is not actually right. You need to adjust according to your customer's and potential customer's behavior.

Twitter can be a strong and great platform to engage in. Abide by the above mentioned best Twitter practices and you will have an efficient and successful Twitter marketing strategy on your hands that will lead you towards success and growth with more exposure globally.

What other Twitter tips would you add to this list?

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